It was decided that "Reversible MA-1" is sold again!

The "reversible MA-1" that was sold out immediately after start of the sale was decided to be sold again.

(Day and time of resales)
Bigeast Officila Shop: June 25th(Wednesday) 19:00~expected
■mu-mo shop: scheduled for 6/25, 8:00 PM

*Bigeast's official shop is a shopping site limited to members of TOHOSHINKI's fan club (Bigeast).
-Please verify that you have the right product in the right size and amount after arrival.
We cannot accept claim, filing and inquiry afterwards after a week from the day you have received the item
regardless of the reason.
We hope that you understand it in advance.
We cannot exchange the defect on the item that occurs when you handles it without
following the instruction of how to handle it.
Therefore, we request that you use it after checking the explanation of how to handle the item.
The items sold at mu-mu shop shop and Bigeast Official Shop are delivered at different day by kind of item.
Please make an order after checking the delivery status that is listed on "item information" page of the item that you request before making an order.
All the items are limited in number. We will complete the sales when we sell them out.
We request that you understand it.
The items that are sold out at the official shop of Bigeast are not sold in mu-mu shop.
We request that you understand it in advance.