All About 東方神起 Season 3

[DVD] All About 東方神起 Season 3

RZBD-46344  ¥14,300(税込)

Disc 1

01 【TVXQ!'s Saipan Story】TVXQ!'s Special Holiday in Saipan  

Disc 2

01 【Couple Talk Part2】JEJUNG+YUNHO(HERO+U-Know)  
02 【Couple Talk Part2】JEJUNG+CHANGMIN(HERO+MaX)  
03 【Couple Talk Part2】JUNSU+YUCHUN(Xiah+Micky)  
04 【Couple Talk Part2】YUCHUN+CHANGMIN(Micky+MaX)  
05 【Couple Talk Part2】YUNHO+CHANGMIN(U-Know+MaX)  
06 【Couple Talk Part2】JUNSU+JEJUNG(Xiah+HERO)  
07 【Couple Talk Part2】JEJUNG+YUCHUN(HERO+Micky)  
08 【Couple Talk Part2】YUCHUN+YUNHO(Micky+U-Know)  
09 【Couple Talk Part2】JUNSU+CHANGMIN(Xiah+MaX)  
10 【Couple Talk Part2】JUNSU+YUNHO(Xiah+U-Know)  

Disc 3

01 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】食:e-table(Korea)  
02 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】味:podo-narmu(Japan)  
03 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】愛:愛犬神起  
04 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】愛:CHANGMIN・マンドゥンイ  
05 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】愛:JUNSU・シャッキー  
06 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】愛:JEJUNG・ビーク  
07 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】愛:YUNHO・テプン  
08 【Thema Talk:食・味・愛】愛:YUCHUN・ハラン  

Disc 4

01 【MUSIC VIDEO】夕陽,見上げて(Picture of You)  
02 【MUSIC VIDEO】Purple Line  
03 【MUSIC VIDEO】呪文 -MIROTIC-(Original Ver.)  
04 【MUSIC VIDEO】呪文 -MIROTIC-(Dance Ver.)  
07 【MUSIC VIDEO】呪文 -MIROTIC-(Xiah Ver.)  
08 【MUSIC VIDEO】呪文 -MIROTIC-(U-Know Ver.)  
09 【MUSIC VIDEO】呪文 -MIROTIC-(Micky Ver.)  
10 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(Original Ver.)  
11 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(Dance Ver.)  
12 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(JEJUNG Ver.)  
13 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(CHANGMIN Ver.)  
14 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(JUNSU Ver.)  
15 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(YUNHO Ver.)  
16 【MUSIC VIDEO】Wrong Number(YUCHUN Ver.)  
17 【SBS Music Program】080224 人気歌謡 Special Stage 'Purple Line'  
18 【SBS Music Program】080928 人気歌謡 Comeback Special 'Love in the ice','Hey(Don't bring me down),"呪文-MIROTIC"  
19 【SBS Music Program】081005 人気歌謡 '呪文-MIROTIC'  
20 【SBS Music Program】081012 人気歌謡 '呪文-MIROTIC' & Mutizen Song 受賞1  
21 【SBS Music Program】081019 人気歌謡 '呪文-MIROTIC' & Mutizen Song 受賞2  
22 【SBS Music Program】081026 人気歌謡 '呪文-MIROTIC' & Mutizen Song 受賞3  
23 【SBS Music Program】081130 人気歌謡 'Wrong Number'  
24 【SBS Music Program】081207 人気歌謡 'Wrong Number'  
25 【SBS Music Program】081230 歌謡大戦 'Wrong Number','呪文-MIROTIC'  

Disc 5

01 【Making Film】Theater Drama 'VACATION':YUNHO Story  
02 【Making Film】Theater Drama 'VACATION':JEJUNG Story  
03 【Making Film】Theater Drama 'VACATION':CHANGMIN & JUNSU Story  
04 【Making Film】Theater Drama 'VACATION':YUCHUN Story  
05 【Making Film】'Purple Line'M/V Sketch  
06 【Making Film】'Purple Line' Special Stage(SBS人気歌謡)Behind Story  
07 【Making Film】Special Fan Meeting(1)"4862 Scandal"  
08 【Making Film】'呪文-MIROTIC' Jacket Sketch(A.B Ver.)  
09 【Making Film】'呪文-MIROTIC' M/V Sketch  
10 【Making Film】青少年に夢と希望を -'東方神起 秋のミニコンサート 'Press Conference  
11 【Making Film】'呪文-MIROTIC' The 1st Stage(SBS人気歌謡)Behind Story  
12 【Making Film】'呪文-MIROTIC' Jacket Sketch(C Ver.)  
13 【Making Film】'Wrong Nmber' M/V Sketch  
14 【Making Film】Special Fan Meeting(2)"You're My Flower Lady"  
15 【Making Film】All about 東方神起 Season3 - TVXQ's Special Holiday in Saipan Diary  
16 【Making Film】All about 東方神起 Season3 - Jacket Sketch  
17 【Making Film】All about 東方神起 Season3 - Exclusive M/V '夕陽,見上げて(Picture of You)'Sketch  
18 【Making Film】All about 東方神起 Season3 - TVXQ!'s Special Saipan Coconut Secret Story  
19 【Making Film】The 3rd Asia Tour Concert -'O' Poster Photo Sketch  
20 【Making Film】YAMAHA Promotion:2009 Bangkok Motor Show  

Disc 6

01 【Show:SBS-TV Entertainment Program Collection】080223'ラインナップ'  
02 【Show:SBS-TV Entertainment Program Collection】080302'奇跡の勝負史' - YUNHO,CHANGMIN,JUNSU  
03 【Show:SBS-TV Entertainment Program Collection】080921 青少年に夢と希望を - '東方神起 秋のミニコンサート''Rising Sun','Hey!(Don't bring me down)','Love in the Ice','呪文-MIROTIC'  
04 【Show:SBS-TV Entertainment Program Collection】081002'キム・ジョンウンのチョコレート'No Cut Story